S t i l l n e s s

I promise myself to embrace the stillness and I breath

Our Products

Our goal is to provide the community with the gifts from nature. 100% pure essential oil from the region and consciously packed to protect Mother Nature.

Blended in small batches, with the purest essential oils for a therapeutic experience at your fingertips.

Our Philosophy

We are quick to shuffle the many part of life, we are constantly worrying about our future and regretting about our past decisions. Take a pause. Let the stillness reminds you to be present, to be in the moment. There are many parts that we need to sort out in life, but this is your moment to breathe. Show yourself a little kindness and be gentle to yourself 

Breathe Series

All our products are made with the same scents for consistency. Although our daily lives can be hectic, I hope that we can provide you a little space of stillness and to allow you to breathe with ease. Breathe to know that everything will be okay, you will be okay.