Reiki & Sound Healing 


What is Reiki? Simply put it is a channeling of universal life force energy for purposes of transformation. It is a magnificent aid for healing, providing comfort and deep rest. These sessions are deeply meditative and balancing. They take place fully clothed on a table, usually prone for half and supine the other half, however side lying or all face up or down may be requested. You may also choose to lie in a supported restorative yoga position on your mat. 

Receive a full Reiki session and surrender to the stillness:

60minutes   $100  
90minutes   $125 

Experience a full session of Reiki + sound healing with bowls, chimes, forks and voice. 

60minutes    $125
90minutes    $150

Above prices are for outcalls to your home or location. 

Private Sound Bath w/Reiki

These sessions are all about surrender. Reiki is sent before, during and after the session. Includes guided meditation into a restorative pose to enjoy the sound. Bowls, chimes, forks, rain stick, rattle, drum and voice may be used. 

$175  ~ 1 or 2 people

$200 ~ 3-4 people

$250 ~ 5 or more

*please contact for groups larger than 25*