Reiki Attunements Level 1 & 2 

Learn about Reiki and become attuned to it’s frequency to add healing light to your life! 

In Level 1 we cover Reiki’s history and applications, as well touch on chakras, daily ritual, energy layers, natural law, mantra, meditation, psychosomatics and an in depth look at the restorative pose Savasana (corpse pose). You are given the Reiki energy & hand mudras and the journey begins!

Level 1 is about self care.

It initiates healing in those areas of your life that are out of balance. It can be intense as these things come to the surface, yet the rewards of this process are simply astounding. The happiness and freedom you will find from simply loving yourself and nurturing your soul is just the beginning! 

In Level 2 you receive Reiki symbols, meet your guides as well as dive deeper into the conversations on chakras, daily practice, natural law, psychomatics and restorative yoga. We introduce the altar and shamanic tools including aromatherapy, breath, sound, nature, dieties and divination. 

This is an excellent tool kit for taking better care of yourself in terms of protection and psychic health.

It is a gamechanger!

Especially if you are caring for people in any capacity: nurses, teachers, caregivers.

Taking great care of yourself will immediately shift the energy in your life. 

Also:  heal yourself = heal the world 🙂 

*your deposit of $75 holds your spot*      Venmo @shoopshine, Zelle ~

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You may schedule your attunement privately and at your convenience. 

Level 1 is taught in 6 hours  $150 

Level 2 is 8 hours   $200 

*discounts available for large groups*