Bodywork ~Reiki ~ Sound Healing 

My sessions are 1/2 physical body and 1/2 energy body. 

My bodywork technique has been developed over the course of two decades of massage clients. The first half of your session is focused on the physical body. Intuition leads through acupressure, trigger point release, stretching, shaking and whatever the body needs to prepare for stillness.

The second half is focused on the energy body. I use reiki and sound healing to bring you to a place of stillness and surrender, the ultimate rejuvenation for the nervous system. 

You may request a guided meditation or yoga nidra to begin this portion. 

What is Reiki? Simply put it is a channeling of universal life force energy for purposes of transformation. It is a magnificent aid for healing, providing comfort and deep rest. These sessions are deeply meditative and balancing. 

Sound interacts with your cells, bringing balance. It also aids in conscious meditation, softly taking your where you need to go for your own healing. It helps you go deep into relaxation calming the body and mind. I use tuning forks, chimes and voice. Sometimes a bowl or gong come along.  

*You may request specifics or no sound healing in your session.  

*You may request a full Reiki session/no bodywork.

*You may book your session as a lesson with 1 other person and I will teach you how to work on each other. 

60minutes   $125  
90minutes   $150

Above prices are for outcalls to your home or location. 

Private Sound Bath w/Reiki

These sessions are all about surrender. Reiki is sent before, during and after the session. We begin with breath and light stretching before tucking into a restorative pose to enjoy guided meditation and sound. Everyone receives aromatherapy and reiki  during rest. 

Bowls, chimes, forks, gong, rattle, drum and voice may be used. 

$175  ~ 1 or 2 people

$200 ~ 3-5 people

$250 ~  6 – 24

*please contact for groups larger than 25*