Heather Shoopman

Self-Care Specialist ~ Mama Shoop 

Hello and welcome! 

I’m Heather Shoopman, creator of The Stillness.

My work honors nature, magic, the wisdom of the body and truth of the soul by cultivating deeper connection with these things. 

I create spaces for dance, sounds, meditation, reiki and yoga. I work with the physical and energetic bodies to cultivate love & connection. My mission is to help as may people as possible engage more deeply with themselves and the world around them. I shine the light on personal ritual and self care, sharing tools that work for me and stories from my heart. I  believe our power to heal lies within.

I feel our connection to the elements, the animals and the plants is of utmost importance for the well being of all. Time spent outside with creatures of the earth is quite healing for the planet and all of it’s species. 

Magic to me is belief in unseen forces, the direction of energy and the power of ritual. It is a collaboration with spirit world and a decision to live & die mindfully. 

The body had long held my fascination. It’s ability to store & process information, hold beliefs and ideas and sometimes transform due to these and communicate needs are all qualities that led me here, to the place of having this giant tool box to tinker away at my well being. 

Honesty, one’s truth, is something I hold dear and believe we all have the birthright to embody. It’s also something we have a hard time with in today’s times. I enjoy the process of shedding untrue beliefs and shining the light on what is true & pure. 

Many of us lead fast paced lives and this work is my idea of balancing that out. PLUS if we take care of ourselves we are making the world a better place! 

I share the experience of stillness so that you may experience your truth, your essence and heart’s desires. 

Dance the song of your heart!!  I have always danced and found myself in various classes or groups. The longest relationship I’ve had is with bellydance. I lead classes, workshops and incorporate it into many of my offerings. 

Sing the songs of your heart!! The healing vibrations of sound have always fascinated me. I use various instruments and encourage voice activation in my work. 

Meditation is another long term relationship I’ve held. I encourage daily practice and enjoy sharing ways to incorporate meditation into daily life. You can find various practices here on my Patreon feed. 

I am a Reiki Master Practitioner Teacher in the Usui Reiki Ryogo System. This tool started my self care journey in many ways. It was the first time I thought about directing energy and connected to the unseen.

My yoga offerings are on the gentle side, inviting the stillness. 

My teaching opens the door to energetic awareness with a nurturing quality that cultivates self love and joy naturally. (hey, I’m a Cancerian Moon Mama)

I’m also a fan of laughter and enjoy evoking it as much as possible!


Reiki/Sound Experience

Restorative Yoga


Mindful Bellydance